Professor Mary N. Layoun

Literature, culture and politics; literature and history; visual culture; the modern novel; narrative; rhetoric; nationalisms; feminisms; "east/west" relations; "third world" literatures, the comparative.
Arabic, Greek (classical and modern), Japanese (classical and modern), French
2412 Sterling Hall
Office Hours: 
Spring, 2016 - email for appointment.
Selected Publications: 

"Mobile Belonging?: Tracing the Global in the Work of Etel Adnan," The Rise of the Arab Novel in English, ed. Nouri Gana (Edinburgh UP, 2013)."Locating Crisis," Journal of Modern Greek Studies (2011).“Endings and Beginnings: Re-imagining the Tasks and Spaces of Comparison” special issue of New Literary History “On Comparison” (Winter, 2010). Comparison: Theories, Approaches, Uses, eds. Rita Felski & Susan Friedman (Johns Hopkins U P, 2013).

"In Wedded to the Land Mary N. Layoun offers a critical commentary on the idea of nationalism in general and on specific attempts to formulate alternatives to the concept in particular. Narratives surrounding three geographically and temporally different national crises form the center of her study: Greek refugees' displacement from Asia Minor into Greece in 1922, the 1974 right-wing Cypriot coup and subsequent Turkish invasion of Cyprus, and the Palestinian and PLO expulsion from Beirut following the Israeli invasion in 1982."